Welcome to The Ethereal Unicorn! (I am guessing that by now, you must have figured out I am NOT a unicorn. If you haven’t, then I might be!)

This blog is run by me (obviously!), a crazy, veracious reader who never wants to come out of the pretty little world of books. The one thing that I strongly, indubitably and for-sure believe in is..hold your breath..magic! I am just a 12 year old kid who is trying to find her way in this world, and magic and books help me put behind this cruel little place and dive into a story where I meet people…people I actually like.

Enough about me, tell me about you now. I am always going to be here if any of you need someone to talk to or someone who can just listen to you..trust me, I am pretty good at that:)


The Ethereal Unicorn. (Maybe…unicorns are real. Who knows?)