Would it still be the same?

“Keep sowing your seeds,

For you never know-

Which one will grow,

Perhaps they all will.”

-The Bible

“Never give up”. We hear this phrase so often. But do we know what it means? Do we stand by it? 

Don’t we, at some point, feel like this is the end? Don’t we, after a while, become so tired that we stop fighting? We stop fighting for ourselves..for our loved ones. Why is it that “giving up” wins..it wins every time we decide “I can’t do it”. 

How do we decide the conclusion of something we haven’t done yet? -Because we think..we think of the consequences.

Now, why is it that some of us prefer to play it safe? Why do some of us here only think of the negative consequences? Why do the cons win over all the pros? Why don’t we fight…fight for something we truly believe in? 

What if Evelyn Glennie had given up all hope when she became hearing impaired…would she still be the great percussionist? And Stephen Hawking- what if he had given up? Would he still be the great physicist, cosmologist, and author? 

What if Woody had given up on Andy? Would the Toy Story still be as amazing as it is now? What if Belle had given up on the Beast? What if the Pevensie children never got inside the wardrobe…would they still have explored Narnia and defeated the White Witch? What if the members of DA had given up when the trio went in search of hocruxes? Would these stories…that we so dearly love…still be the same?

The thing is…you don’t know where your efforts can get you. The best you can do here is accentuate the positive and fight..until the end..and fight like you have never lost before.

-Rishika 💝

33 thoughts on “Would it still be the same?

  1. Well written, Rishika! And your post brought Roy T. Bennett’s words to my mind, “When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.”

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