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what is the point? — Discovering Me

Couldn’t wait to turn fifteenThen you blink and it’s been ten yearsGrowing up a little at a time then all at onceEverybody wants the best for youBut you gotta want it for yourselfMy love lorde, secrets from a girl (who’s seen it all) to all the people who feel the weight of the world dangling […]what... Continue Reading →

noises. — Discovering Me

don’t call me kid, don’t call me baby. look at this godforsaken mess that you made me. taylor swift, illicit affairs dear diary, i cried last night. it finally got too much for the muscles of my heart. finally they decided to shed anger and fear. there’s been a lot on my plate recently. studies, […]noises.... Continue Reading →


beloved 2021 rishi, we have always wanted to make stuff last. we have wanted to build something pure and true, a foundation that's frozen when spoken in terms of time. timeless. we've held on to threads of perfection and longings and tangled feelings of love that fill the empty spaces in our hearts. i want... Continue Reading →


Today is 6th December .. happy Saint Nicholas Day, unicorns!! ❤ (yes, I am officially calling you that). I will fade into nothingnessAnd maybe I will be rebornFrom the ashes of my soulAnd the shreds of my heartAnd the pieces of goodness I am weaved of. Like a Phoenix maybe I’ll riseLike the sun maybe... Continue Reading →


Purity, courage, hope and loveI pulled it all in like beauty of the gods aboveAnd I lived by it, hoping its rainbowWill balance the sun and rain and heavy blow. I poured it all out                                      Into everything I was aroundBuilding a train trackThat my future self will be all about. And then came the accursed... Continue Reading →

not a typical letter

Some days, life just feels so grey. Not the kind of grey that can be fantasized about. The kind of grey where you just don't know what to do. The kind where everything feels monotone- and you're left wondering; "How did I get here? Is this who I am meant to be?". The kind when... Continue Reading →


I see my friends looking at me in awe when they read my poetry, They smile at me and tell me how phenomenally different and beautiful it is, I smile back and thank them, for all the love and praise they’ve showered upon me, But why don’t I feel special and good about myself, even... Continue Reading →

silhouette of fate

read first part here - thirteen Doodles in the margins Thoughts in carousel Hosting thoughts so foreign I'm still an emo kid wishing you well. Scared of my train of thought running me overI ran as fast as I could Looked for signals in the smoke To guide me home. Looked for pictures in the... Continue Reading →


Flowed like a riverineDriven like fireCarried like transPassion so dire Converged my fateWith thoughts and purposeWith enigma in my veinsArcane creativity keeping me sane Butterfly out of my reachTrain passed right before meCryptic messages lurking in the shadowsI’m far from close Changed my course a million timesIn the hope it will change my destinyHow many... Continue Reading →

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