silhouette of fate

read first part here - thirteen Doodles in the margins Thoughts in carousel Hosting thoughts so foreign I'm still an emo kid wishing you well. Scared of my train of thought running me overI ran as fast as I could Looked for signals in the smoke To guide me home. Looked for pictures in the... Continue Reading →


Flowed like a riverineDriven like fireCarried like transPassion so dire Converged my fateWith thoughts and purposeWith enigma in my veinsArcane creativity keeping me sane Butterfly out of my reachTrain passed right before meCryptic messages lurking in the shadowsI’m far from close Changed my course a million timesIn the hope it will change my destinyHow many... Continue Reading →

dear mentors

This is to the beam of lightFor guiding us homeThis is to the stars that shine so brightFor sowing knowledge in our souls. This is to the miraculous men and womenShaping young minds to think differentThis is to the passionate hearts that light our ignitionFor becoming our greatest inspiration. Kind, beautiful and funnyYou expand our... Continue Reading →

whispers from within

Everyone wants to be pretty. Pretty gorgeous. Pretty beautiful from within. Pretty perfect. Who would understand this better than me, the obstinate voice chasing you down? I used to live near that hunched over flower with crimson petals and dark leaves, overlooked by the couple hundred people who came in contact with my host, I... Continue Reading →


Aloha everyone! Eh so I'm not very confident about my upcoming selection of words, so I'll come straight to the point. I have been mostly inactive the past couple weeks, and I feel I need a hiatus for a while, an announced hiatus this time. That way I feel I have done somewhat-justice to you... Continue Reading →

The Catcher In The Rye.

I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure if I’d feel like it.Holden Caulfield, the catcher in the rye. I want to be the catcher in the rye Protecting people from destined painWaiting for that inexplicable highThat comes right after the lows that leave you drained.  I want to be... Continue Reading →

The cold gaze of the camera.

Peeking from a tiny hole, it watches me Like an accursed spirit observes a person, treading slowly On land he knows nothing of, a place so unfamiliar Yet tries to hold on, and make it his territory. There’s a voice inside me, Echoing in the lifeless void of infinite thoughts Constantly beckoning to be the... Continue Reading →

The greatest mystery.

My whole life, I have wanted to be a part of a mystery, or at least witness it. Hey, I might be an inexperienced, introverted teen but I have seen chaos. I have been loved and I have felt lonely. I have the honor of having a place I call home and people I call... Continue Reading →


A progressed counterpart of this poem I wrote a couple months back. Choices. Everything is made up of choicesMy choices will make meLittle by little. Inch by inchThey'll create the land I'll treadThe roads I'll mendThe hearts I'll breakThe minds I'll makeThe souls I'll findBy being kind. I feel like conquering the worldBringing about a... Continue Reading →

Can you “fix” a broken heart?

PC—- Pinterest A heart is said to be “broken” at the death of a loved one. How do you “fix” a heart that’s been broken?How do you calm an anguish soul?How do you …Can you “fix” a broken heart? Well, can you?

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