Far from home

It was a queer feeling, an  uneasy oneI had never felt it beforeBut one thing I knew for sureIt wasn't going to go that easily. I could hear a voice echoing in my mindAnd a thousand more voices of the same kindThey screamed my nameAnd at my head they aimed. It was like a hollow... Continue Reading →

Without you

There were times when I hated youThe way we fought and the way we brawled. But now that you're not here,Now that you're gone,I have so much to fear,That I just wait for dawn. I miss our constant bickeringAnd how you would order me aroundHow we'd chortle over silly thingsAnd burst out laughing. Without you,... Continue Reading →

Can you feel the magic?

Can you feel the magic?Can you embrace the fright?Can you make the dark your home?Will it leave you in a horrifying site? Can you feel the anger, ripping through your skin?Can you control the tremble your heart feels?Can you feel the pride of your win?Can you see what's still unseen? Can you feel the magic... Continue Reading →


I made my way through the streetIt had a long row of tress on its side, literallyI am not the biggest fan of getting bugs on my faceSo I frowned as the leaves slapped my rosy cheeks.I stepped on a dry leafIt made a crunch sound which filled my ears with musicIt soothed me and,... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Remember, the time you were a saint?Remember, when you became a sinner? When God dropped you down from heavenAnd placed you in hell. Remember, you were a man of honorA storm of powerWith a heart of a cowardAnd the mouth of a boaster. Remember, you grew so quicklyAnd left behind a whole lot of memories... Continue Reading →

Que Sera Sera (Part-2)

Hello everybody! So, I wrote a short story a few days back, you can check it out here. And I'll give it here as well. If you have read it then you can scroll down right to where it says 'Part 2'. I won't say I hate people. They are just good old hypocrites by... Continue Reading →

Que Sera Sera (Chapter-1)

I won't say I hate people. They are just good old hypocrites by default, aren't we all? Although, I have to admit, I did not like talking to them, until-It was a Sunday morning and it was snowing. I lived in a small house, no, home -covered with ivy on the great Alawai Boulevard. Who... Continue Reading →

Cotton Clouds

I have been trapped in my home for agesWhen one day, I decided to go down for cyclingI looked up at the sky and I saw youI don't know how but my gaze had fixed upon youYou looked like cotton floating in airYou looked so surreal-high up in the sky and just enough for my... Continue Reading →

Dear Death

Death of the Dearest She was suffering, dyingWe visited her every day to make her feel homeWe wished she'd die peacefully, it was painful to watch her fightingFighting for something that became a part of her, and pierced our hearts, made a hole. We would see her lying in her bedWe saw her body but... Continue Reading →

Soaring High.

I was caged. Caged in a cruel little place they call home. Caged by my fear. I became an empty soul with a million dreams, who thought of running to a land afar, Away from the hole. I tried, breaking away from all the pains pressing on my heart. But I just couldn't. The fear... Continue Reading →

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