Summer break begins…

It’s scorching hot here and even though we are not going to school amidst the pandemic, we have summer break! Usually, at the beginning of summer break,we would hug our goodbyes (yup!🤪), be all joyful and crazy about it.

On the last day of school before the summer break, we wouldn’t study much. Our teachers would narrate stories in class…..and I loved that, literally. I mean, who doesn’t love story time? Last to last year in Grade 6, our Literature teacher narrated a story…a really good one. It goes something like this….

Long ago, there was a penniless man and he was lost in the jungle. He was scared to death until he met an elephant(that’s right …. met an elephant). The elephant spoke to him. The man was left baffled and he felt… is this possible? How can the elephant talk??!

The elephant had magical powers that allowed him to speak. The elephant was a friend to the man….

They got out of the jungle…But it was the elephant’s home. He stayed back. The poor man would often come to visit the elephant.

They continued with their lives…when one day,the man was in a market. He realized that an elephant’s tusk is an object of great value and can bring you a fortune. Thoughts of greed filled his head….and he rushed to the jungle. He pleaded the elephant to give him one of his tusks. The elephant, being the mighty friend, readily agreed.

The elephant was in immense pain when his tusk was being chopped of ….. but the man was too greedy to see that! The man went to the city, sold off the tusk, and guess what!? He earned a great fortune…

He bought a big house and lived in luxury. However, he did no work. He thought that the fortune would last forever…but obviously, it can’t.

It lasted a year, so after a year, the man went back to the forest and asked the elephant for another tusk. The man saw what pain the elephant was going through but, greediness did get the better of him!

The elephant was a good friend to the man. Maybe…too good a friend!

Just as the man was finding his way out of the forest, his eyes filled with a bright light….he choked a little.He was in a forest fire!!

And the story ends with the man dying in the forest fire and you know what’s so special about this? As the man stood there, staring at the burning trees and land, he thought , for a second, “maybe it’s a result of my own actions! Maybe it’s happening to me because of I put my friend, who has been nothing but kind and has helped me in every step of the way,through immense pain. Maybe I deserve this .”

I love this story. And the one thing that I absolutely miss is that my favorite teacher- Mrs.Rawat-narrated it to us. She left the school last year.

Today we had our last online class before the summer break. We had English and Art. And we did not do anything like we would do, if we were going to school. But I still enjoy holding onto those memories! đź’ť

Anyway, I have a few things planned for the summer break:

  • Write a write up every day. It can be on any topic.
  • Write a poem every day.
  • Meditate for 20 minutes twice a day. (Mrs.Rawat used to begin each class with one-Minute-meditation)
  • Call up a family member, every day.
  • Mandala art
  • Keep a dream journal
  • Write short stories (I aspire to become a writer someday!)
  • Holiday home-work

Do you miss anything about summer breaks? Any amusing story?! Feel free to share them in comments below. I would love to hear incidents from your school summer breaks!

-Rishika đź’ť

The truth behind happiness-The Conclusion

Before reading this-kindly read the previous parts.

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you already are.


So, coming back to who we are….Do we know our true nature?

The secret to long lasting happiness is knowing who we are. Look inside yourself. Find your worth. Don’t depend on people, passions and materialistic stuff for happiness.

Don’t let the results of your actions affect you. I have quite a few friends who want to score highest so badly that if they don’t, they become sad. This attitude gets you nowhere. If you score highest, you will probably feel like the happiest person ever but how long will that last,huh? Forever?….nah! I don’t think so. Won’t it, after some time, just become a burden? The other possibility is you don’t score highest, won’t that make you sad? Had you studied hard because you are supposed to and because it will add to your knowledge, you would not be feeling the same, would you?

Do things passionately, do them with all your heart, but don’t do them because you have a craving for the result. Do it because you are supposed to. Have a moderate attitude towards everything.

Don’t work because of someone else, work for yourself.

Know that everything that the universe throws at you is a result of your own actions. Because what you give to the atmosphere comes right back… sooner or later.

Find out what makes your soul truly happy- so far, I have come to the conclusion “do absolutely no harm”. Work on yourself and work with yourself. It’s important to realize that nothing will last, but your soul. Let your own self give you happiness.

Who looks outside, dreams;Who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Gustav Jung

-Rishika Jain

The truth behind happiness-Part 3

(Before reading this-kindly read the previous parts.)

So what exactly is happiness? And how to experience it? We are now aware that what we consider as happiness is only short term. So, the question is how to experience happiness every day, every moment?

We will come back to this question. First, let’s do an activity, shall we!? Look around you, what do you see? Can you define the nature of each thing?

Let’s test- I have my sister’s Chemistry book in front of me. What do we know about it? It’s a book; it is a source of knowledge (even if all the chemical equations drive you crazy!🤪). Now, can you do the same for other such objects? For instance, sugar; it is sweet. Pretty easy,huh?

There will be people who can write books about their friends! In this blogging community, I am sure we can all write at least a few basic things about fellow bloggers (even though we haven’t met them. Amazing,right!?). It’s a piece of cake for us. But the question is….

Do you know about yourself? Do you know who you true nature? Do you know what defines you? Do you know who you truly are?

Ponder upon this question and you are sure to find answers once you look into yourselves.

Happiness is found within.

-Rishika Jain

Part-4 (the conclusion) will be out soon…

The truth behind happiness- Part 2

(Before reading this- kindly read the previous part)

To recapitulate, happiness (at least, what we are considering it to be!) originates from the subject being sad and leaves the subject in a sad position.

It’s just the period of time – when it’s there – that we enjoy it. We often find sadness taking over us after a cheerful , enjoyable event – be it talking to someone, doing something you love, buying your dream car, amenity and so on.

Now, let us look at how talking to a loved one does not give you long lasting happiness. Let’s say- Person A and his/her best friend talk cannot meet due to lockdown. Yet, they talk over phone . So, that period of time will become a memory to hold onto. But, won’t Person and be miss it immensely after? Not to be negative, but let’s say they both get in a fight. Wouldn’t that just make them sadder and angrier?

Happy is the man whose happiness doesn’t depend on people, amenity and other materialistic stuff. Happy is the man who doesn’t need a passion to be actually happy. Happy is the man who remains respectably unaffected by the results of his actions (be them good/bad/ exciting/disgusting/ disappointing and so on) because his happiness simply doesn’t depend on it! His only true focus is his soul, nothing else.

Happiness is found within me.

-Rishika Jain

Part 3 coming soon…

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to James A.Best @myplace3187. This is my first blogger award and I am extremely grateful to Mr. James for the nomination. As well as to the people and fellow bloggers who take the time to stop by my blog.

Here are The Rules To Follow :
1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Make a post of the award (with a Photo of the Logo)
3. Post the rules
4. Ask 5-10 Questions of your choice
5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them

James’ questions for me:

1. What dream are you chasing in your life? – I am excessively eager to learn about philosophy, as much as I can. I would also like to master a balanced state of mind even in the times of disorder.

2. What do you do during this COVID-19 lockdown? – I have my online classes in the morning. Other than that, I spend my time reading,writing , learning German, improving my Math skills and talking to my father who is currently in Philadelphia.

3. What type of music drives your creativity? -Umm.. The typical melancholic one! Also, I have recently developed a taste in Indian retro music.

4. What is your ultimate goal in retirement ?- umm…. I am 12 so I haven’t really thought about it!

5. If, you could describe your home country. How would that look like to readers?- I live in Delhi, India. The weather is really hot here. For those coming from places with sublime weather, will not like it here very much !

6. What genres or genres of blog do you like writing?- Philosophy and poetry. I also like reading and writing write ups where people express their view about something.

7. How would you explain your family history? – Umm….I don’t know very much about it. But I would like to share a mind boggling fact- My father, as a kid, had met and seen his great-great-grandfather

8. Do you read books for some inspiration when creating new blog topic? – not always, but yes, sometimes when I am not fully sure about the topic, I surf through some books .

My nominees:

  • Merrildsmith
  • Nathi, wayward scribbles
  • Mrs. Holliman’s poems
  • Keith Kreates!
  • Haroon’s blog
  • Glee Sparkle
  • Enigma
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  • Saania2806

My questions for nominees:

1. What is the one thing that you wait for ,your whole day?

2. If you had to describe yourself in just 5 words, how would that be?

3. What genre of books interests you the most?

4. Your favorite pastime amidst the Corona Virus pandemic.

5. What are your views regarding the lockdown? Do you have any suggestions to improve the current situation socially?

6. What do you miss the most during lockdown? Do you ever think of just going outside in the park for fresh air?

7. Who is the one person you aspire to live by? (Role model)

The truth behind happiness- Part 1

Let’s play a “Who am I?” game.

Everybody seeks me,
Though I am not hiding
I am often mistaken for worldly pleasures
But that’s not the real me.
Who am I?

Well, if your answer is happiness, congratulations!

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Who doesn’t seek happiness? We all do. We run after it.

For some people, their so-called “happiness” is materialistic stuff like amenity. For some, it’s people. For instance, person A might receive his/her so called happiness from family or friends. While for others , they might be following their passion– writing, painting, singing, acting,dancing and you name it! Then there always are people who think of their happiness as food. It’s there version of heaven.

But the question is: Is this true happiness? And if it’s true happiness, is it long lasting? Will I always feel like this? Or will this go away? Won’t this make me somewhat sad when it’s gone? Is it making my soul happy?

Well, here’s the truth: What we assume as happiness always begins with sadness/not being content and ends with sadness/not being content!

For instance, Person A “finds” happiness in big houses and stuff. He/she has a desire and all he/she wants is big house. So, it’s beginning with not being content/sadness. Let’s say, person A gets very lucky one day /or/ works hard enough that he/she can afford a big house. Now, how long will that last?

Many of you here might think that if we start asking the question: “how long will it last?” every time, we can never be happy. I too thought that when I first read about this concept. But eventually, you’ll know!

Coming back to “How long will Person A be able to enjoy his/her big house?”. What if it doesn’t stay with the person forever? Wouldn’t that just make him sad more than ever before?

If Person A had worked hard just because he/she was supposed to and because it’s the right thing , without keeping any expectations of a reward, wouldn’t he/she be happier?

Don’t you think?

Happiness is found within.

-Rishika Jain

Part 2 coming soon…

The soul never dies🌌

A: why do the best people die?
B: when you are in a garden, what flower do you pick?
A: the most beautiful one
B: exactly!

The above is a dialogue I came across on Pinterest. I must disagree with person A. If it were me, I would have promptly responded, “ I don’t pluck flowers.”

If you like a flower, you will pluck it.

If you love a flower, you will watch it grow everyday.

Why do the most beloved people get away from us? Well, we all know it’s because of our past actions- be them good, be them bad. But isn’t it unfair, that when a person dies, his/ her family feels intolerable pain? Isn’t someone’s death just giving his/ her family more sorrow? Isn’t it simply causing more pain?

We lost 2 impeccable personalities of the Indian Industry in 2 days. Isn’t it jolly “destined” that the Indian Bollywood Industry lost 2 stars while the sky gained 2?

They say that the ones that love us never truly leave us. It’s true. The soul never dies. The soul is infinite and itself goes through countless births and rebirths, until, if it so pleases, earns and attains salvation. But how to deal with it? How to keep reminding yourself that you have not lost a person?

Today, we lost, or technically, “ physically lost” the shining star of Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor. He was a funny man and a jolly good actor. But how to deal with the grief?

It’s easy to say but to act by it- that’s what’s going to change your thoughts and your way of responding. It’s difficult but one must take the time to get acquainted to all facts and keep reminding yourself of the only constant in your life- change. We are what we do. What we sow, we will reap. It’s up to us, whether we make our garden beautiful or turn it into a dumpster. My sister once told me , our minds have 2 wolves- 2 very hungry wolves. They are – the good wolf and the not-so-good wolf. Their functioning is easy to understand- you do something good- you feed the good wolf. You do something bad- the bad wolf gets food.

People are dying all over the world. Some due to COVID- 19. Some because of “other” heath problems and so on. They all might not be the ones we know. But what gets me thinking is the grief and the pain felt by their loved ones.

This post is dedicated to all the families, whether they can hear me or not, whether they know me or not, who have been through immense pain and grief. Here’s to the brave people – the soul never dies.

The soul never dies

Believe in it well

That’s where all the magic lies.

-Rishika jain

Love to all the families who lost their loved ones and lots of peace offerings to the wandering souls🌌

-Rishika Jain

A graveyard in Philly, Pennsylvania