Raging Storm.

I was watering the garden when I heard the noise, I saw the dark clouds emerging from the sky They seemed to be picking up wind quickly. But I couldn't look at it with my naked eye. Not because it was strong and ferocious, Not because it was tremendously severe and furious. It was the kind … Continue reading Raging Storm.

J’aime la lune।An Ode To The Moon.

Words aren't the easiest, Talking isn't the best, How am I supposed to tell how I feel When I can't figure out me? I don't need to tell you anything. You know. You know what I did and you know how I feel You know what I meant You know me. My heart cries everyday … Continue reading J’aime la lune।An Ode To The Moon.

Heart, mind or soul? (Collab.)

(A collaborative post: Parneet Sachdev from https://timelessmind.org And Rishika Jain from https://theetherealunicorn.wordpress.com/) Picture credit- Pixabay Our heart, which is our emotional bundle, feels a lot. It loves and it carries pain. When it comes to choosing, it seeks to discover ways that will, somehow, attract to us, pleasant emotions. We, as humans, run after happiness, … Continue reading Heart, mind or soul? (Collab.)

How to overcome difficulties in life! (Collab.)

Okay. I am really excited. This is my first ever collaboration:) We hope you like it so here goes- "When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade." As humans who make mistakes and tend to learn from them, we are often opposed by different hardships that we refer to as “difficult”. But are they really … Continue reading How to overcome difficulties in life! (Collab.)