Trailing Trauma

What happens after is unknown,Only the present is shown,Actions are tranquilized with time,While reactions are awakened with crime, Many obstructions change our choices,Barriers that keep back unheard voices,But when we take an opportunity that unveils,It’s the aftermath that trails, It is up to us to rise above manipulation,And arouse more stimulation,If you take that big... Continue Reading →

After all is gone.

After all is goneAnd when my heart feels aloneWhen I feel lostIn a whole world of 'unknown'I open a book and dive into a storyA world of love and courage, a tale so imaginaryCharacters become family and the book becomes a homeIt's like peace is hugging me and I am scared to let go. My... Continue Reading →

Journey ~2020~

Dear Rishika, You've grown. We have been stuck inside our homes, people have been dying because of the pandemic and I know however rejuvenating the solitude is to you, your heart breaks when you hear about loss and suffering. It's pretty horrible isn't it? How the things you want change according to situations, and how... Continue Reading →

Woven Magic

They say change is the only constantAnd that you get used to it, if not at an instantThey say it moulds you, shapes your lifeWhether it's good or bad, you need to decide. I might be just 13, with no expert experienceBut I have met so many people who have expanded my horizonsI have read... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonders : Peace

Christmas is finally hereFilling my heart with love of those very dearIt seems like just a second agoThat I was waiting for something utterly near. The holiday spirit left me spellbound Worked its magic, spread joy around The nights are calm, soft and serene I gaze at the moon, not sure of the near future-my... Continue Reading →

Finding Me

Since my grandmother died, things have been... rough. I still stand solemnly in the kitchen hall, hoping to hear her serene prayers. It's been 3 years, still, I can smell the aroma of the hot chocolate drink she'd make me every Christmas. I would take a deep breath, as though filling my lungs with the... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonders : Faith

There is an old man who sits by the canal Waiting for goodness to come, some miracle to happen Taking him away from his daily bluesMaking him feel whole again, experience something new. Aren't we all like that man?A little broken, a little sadGluing ourselves together just as we fall apartTrying to protect our heart.... Continue Reading →

Dear Santa,

There is love for everyone buried deep inside I hope I can bring out the treasure of kindness most people hideShow them that there's something greater than prideHelp all those I can, and take them to a magic land where no one cries. Santa went off at the break of nightTo help the poor, with... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonders : Hope

I look out of my window and I see a sparrowIt flies around trees, and then into streets so narrowIt makes it's way back to its nestGets warm and cozy, eats leavings like it's a fest. I look out of my windowHoping to see snowInstead, I see green grass, soft as pillowBuried deep in my... Continue Reading →

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